Comedy Episode 15: JJ Whitehead, StandUp Comic at KW Comedy Festival

JJ Whitehead, or Whitesnake, sits down with me to connect before his set at the KW Comedy Festival. We talk about Los Angeles life versus Ontario; how 7 continuously successful sets makes one over confident; how some Scottish FireFighters made JJ permanently polite; and why passive aggressively talking to your plants may, indeed, say something about your mental health :). I had so much fun with this one guys, we could have likely talked all night long but you know, he had a set to do and stuff. Please take time to really dig into his accent: I feel this is one of the only Nova Scotia cross Los Angeles accents I have heard and its now in my top 5. Yay!

Shout outs to: @podcaster101 @GirlFMcast @Awkward_Podcast @FacesAndAcesLV

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