Backstage at Ice Jam Music Festival: The Sadies and 54.40

Ohhh man you guys, Queens of the Stone Age bowed down and the Rolling Stones live up to the legend according to the stories I heard backstage with The Sadies and 54.40 LIVE BACKSTAGE at Ice Jam!

Seriously, this was such fun. I can’t thank the organizers enough for bringing me back for the next round of bands! Woohoo!!¬†for tickets to the summer show babies! I hope to see you there ūüôā

Did you know Elora, Ontario is only 1 hour from Toronto? If you know where you are in relation to Toronto – do the math and I will see you there. Did I mention they have microbreweries and the best food trucks on earth? Oh and just like 45 of the best bands possible gathered for a single weekend of sheer musical summer bliss.

Oh I am kind of a fan. See you there!

xo Paula

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